Born and raised in Minnesota.
24 years old.

I post mostly:
things I find funny.
video game shit.
posts about me.

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bt is still ass no matter how much they try to buff it and i saw an ad rush LW one game i was like…..????????? no one has even had time to buy armor and youre rushing LW, pls

My adc literally after explaining why not to get it said “I like lifesteal” and I said ok well get double dorans then and there reply was “then I lose gold”. k……..

Like I don’t mind giving up adc and honestly if you lose lane ok w/e it happens but just don’t feed and please at least know how to build your champion..

baby: h-h-h

heather, his mother: heather? are you trying to say heather?

baby: hey everyone, anthony fantano here, the internet's busiest music nerd