Born and raised in Minnesota.
23 years old.

I post mostly:
Mostly Doomtree and Astronautalis.
things I find funny.
video game shit.
posts about me.

There are only 4 tags I currently follow:
Short hair (I like the short hair ladies ;P)

If you post that stuff I'm sure I'll enjoy your blog.

I don't follow everyone back but if I enjoy ur blog I'll follow back.
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The stories of a rape victim, drug addict, and illegal immigrant

kennakaustic asked
Let Get Personal: 1,29, 33

1. 6 of the songs you listen to most? hmm recently it’s been..

29. Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens? Ghosts; I’m unsure of how I feel about that whole thing. I mean “the unknown” kind of frightens me and I feel like there definitely could be ghosts but I have no real thought of what happens after someone dies. The thoughts of malevolent spirits and shit tho scares the hell out of me. Aliens definitely have to exist. They have to be out there somewhere. No way are we alone.

33. Choose: East Coast or West Coast? Can’t we just meet in the middle and agree MN is where it’s at ;P